RS11 Sports Racer (CSR/DSR)

The RS11 is a new car for DSR and CSR racing in the SCCA. As with previous models, the RS11 will accept most any motorcycle engine/transmission and retains the immensely strong tubular chassis for ease of maintenance and repair.

The new design preserves the strength of chassis and mechanical grip present in the earlier models, and is based off of our successful RM11 formula car. To this foundation, we have added a completely new aerodynamic package, designed by noted aerodynamicist Alain Clarinval, consisting of a full-length twin-tunnel floor, brand new bodywork, fared rear wheels, a bi-plane rear wing, and a leading-edge, "front underwing" front diffuser treatment with a substantially raised nose, all for maximum downforce.

Mechanically, revisions include revised suspension geometry as borrowed from the RM11, adjustable pushrods, a larger foot box, and fully floating brake rotors with radial mount Wilwood calipers.

The RS11 is sold as a roller complete with radiators and oil coolers. Plug in your choice of engine and go racing! Alternatively, RS11's can also be purchased turn-key ready-to-race by our central distributor, Rilltech Racing.

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The outstanding chassis continues in concept from the previous cars, and continues to be an oustanding point of the Speads. In the RS11 iteration, it has been improved even further. The chassis is a lightweight space frame which has been developed over the last six years in testing and racing in the USA, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Chassis members are mild steel tubing of mainly 1.25 inch diameter x .095 inch wall thickness.

Main and dash roll bars are 1.5 inch diameter x .83 inch wall thickness. TIG process is used for welding. Additional sections are used in high stress areas, such as diff, engine and suspension mounts. Chassis rig testing with the RS11 has led to more frame stiffness than ever, which we believe to be best-in-class.

This excellent chassis means not only excellent handling, but easier repair. High strength means you won't have to straighten the chassis after off-track excursions, and side impact protection means you are safe in your car.

This also translates to the outstanding mechanical grip that the Speads is well known for, and also reduced tire wear, enabling the Speads to use softer tire compounds relative to the competition.

New for the RS11 are dual, cockpit-adjustable anti-roll bars at the front and the rear of the car. By adding anti-roll bars, this allows use of softer springs, increasing mechanical grip even further.

The RS11's cockpit is quite roomy, as we've designed it to accomodate larger drivers. Drivers up to about 6'5" and around 250# should have no difficulty comfortably fitting in the RS11.

Approximately 50 rod ends are used per car, ranging from .415 inch to .5 inch. Not only can toe and camber be adjusted easily, but caster can be altered in a matter of seconds. Control arms are fabricated from aero tubing of .06 inch wall thickness, and include anti-intrusion beams for added safety. Other important components such as steering rack and front bulk head are die castings.

Running Gear

Pushrod suspension is used at all four corners. Left hand threads are utilized where quick adjustment is needed such as pushrods for ride height adjustments. Centerlock wheels are standard. Uprights can be installed on any one of four corners to reduce need for specific spares. Brake calipers are radial mount Wilwoods for additional installed stiffness, and rotors are fully floating for improved pedal feel and longer life. Braking is, in a word, fantastic.


The fiberglass body comes from a high quality mold, and is self-colored Gel-coat. As a result, it requires no paint, so there are no ugly paint chips or "spider webs" to contend with. The bodywork attaches with simple catch-latches requiring no tools to operate, and is manageable by one person. The floor and rear diffuser are vacuum
bagged, pre-preg carbon fiber for ultimate strength and minimum weight. The new twin tunnel diffuser floor is accentuated by the lower carbon-fiber rear wing, which leads to incredible levels of downforce, and cornering capabilities over 3g. The front crushbox is carbon fiber and includes a front splitter/diffuser. Finally, the rear wing is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight up high in the car.

Engine & Drivetrain

The RS11 can accept almost any motorcycle engine, including the large Suzuki Hayabusa for running in CSR. A Quaife differential is used at the rear. Unique to the Speads is an angled engine installation, allowing for equal length halfshafts. This is not only another nod towards reducing the number of spares you may want to carry, it also eliminates torsional moments caused by unequal length halfshafts.

Technical Specifications:

Chassis Tubular Steel
Bodywork GRP (High Quality GelCoat Finish)
Wheelbase 104 inches
Track Front - 56 inches
Rear: 55 inches
Suspension Inboard by pushrod Front and Rear
Weight 870 lbs without driver (approx)
depending on engine.
Shocks gas-pressurized single adjustable std
double adjustable optional
Brakes Radially mounted Wilwood 4 piston calipers front and rear with floating disks
Differential Quaife ATB
Harness Belts G-Force
Fire Extinguisher Lifeline (Electronic)


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