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For sale is a Speads RS-06 with 07 modifications and improvements.

This car has been run with NASA, winning the Midwest Championship in STR-1 in 2010 and SU in 2011. This sport racer has a full carbon fiber floor and tunnels along with carbon fender vents and rear winglets.

The front uprights and suspension geometry, rotors, calipers and tunnels are 07 spec. The car has been meticulously maintained and is very reliable with only one DNF race in two seasons. The car is newly painted in an enamel acrylic bright white and fully sorted at the end of the year. It currently has a 09 second generation Hyabusa but can be sold with or without the motor. Features include:

  • AIM XG Logger: digital dash with 2 way accelerometer, speed, gear, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, rpm
  • Flatshifter Pro
  • Power Commander V with Autotune and Rilltech fuel map
  • Rilltech tuned exhaust and Titanium muffler
  • Accusump
  • Rilltech wet sump oil pan
  • Rilltech EFI Fuel Pot/ Collector
  • RCC Billet sprocket cover and case saver
  • Fire suppression system
  • Tilton adjustable brake bias in cockpit
  • Koni 3012 doubles
  • Lightweight OZ centerlock wheels w/ 2-cycle Hoosiers

This car was developed over the 07-08 seasons and not raced. In 09 it raced 5 events in Florida. Mike most recently purchased it at the end of 09 and raced it in 10 and 11. The car is reliable and SAFE, not temperamental like other sport racers.

It has never been wrecked. All rod ends were replaced prior to Mike's purchase. In 2010 Mike replaced all wheel bearings and upgraded the front suspension and brakes, and in 2011, the CV's and axles as well. There are no chain issues and the rear eccentric bushing makes changing the chain and tension adjustments a breeze.

Spares list includes but is not limited to:
  • Springs: 275 x 2, 380 x 2
  • Gaz Shocks 20-085 R 12 D11 x 2
  • Gaz 20-085 R 12 D08 x2
  • Brake pressure assembly
  • Front Hyabusa sprockets 14,15,16,18
  • Rear outer CVs and axle x 2
  • Rear inner CV x 1
  • New Fuel pump high pressure
  • New EK 530ZZZ chain with multiple master links
  • Multiple rod ends, wheel locks, spacers, screws,bolts, washers, etc.
  • Assortment of front and rear A-arms, tie rods, etc.
Please contact Mike for further information on this car:

Mike Bagnoli
Phone: 765-714-1310


Brief Details:

  • 2009 Hayabusa
  • upgraded tunnel floor
  • Power Commander V with auto-tune module
  • New Paint/Bodywork
  • Extensive Maintenance/Spares
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