Astra Blackhawk (CSR/DSR/SR1/SR2)

Hitting the track in mid-2013 will be the Astra Blackhawk, a CSR/DSR/SR1 based off of the same ideas as the successful Summerhawk F1000. This too is a brand new design for the CSR/DSR class, with an eye towards the 2014 SR1 rule set. Later in 2013, an SR2 variant of the Blackhawk will be available as well.

As with the Summerhawk F1000, the Blackhawk is a clean-sheet design from race-winning engineer and designer, Alain Clarinval, and is packed with novel ideas and features.

As with the Summerhawk, the Blackhawk will accept most any motorcycle engine/transmission and retains the immensely strong tubular chassis for ease of maintenance and repair.

To this strong foundation, the Blackhawk adds the high-tech goodies allowed in the sports racer classes, such as full-length twin-tunnel floors, carbon fiber bodywork, multi-element rear wings, and a leading-edge, "front underwing" front diffuser treatment with a substantially raised nose, all for maximum downforce.

The Blackhawk uses high quality components throughout, from well-known and respected suppliers including:
  • Fuel Safe Fuel Cell
  • Titan Steering Rack
  • Wilwood brake calipers
  • Tilton Pedals and Master Cylinders
  • Quaife Torsen differential
  • Racequip fuel fillers, lines, and brake lines
  • SPA Fire system
  • SPA Quick-Release steering wheel
  • Super-light Cast-alloy 8"/10" Wheels

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Excellent Design from Extensive Experience

Alain Clarinval has over 50 years' experience as a motorsport engineer, with the Summerhawk being just the latest in a long history of motorsports success.

Before the Summerhawk, Alain has been involved in all levels of motorsport, including engineering for Oriol Servia in Indy Cars, as well as teams in Indy Lights, Formula Atlantics, and all the way down to Formula Vee. He's also worked at all levels of touring cars, IMSA GTP, World Sports Cars, ALMS, and everything in between.

As an aerodynamicist, Alain designed the wings used on Indy Cars from 1997-onward, as well as the aerodynamic package for the Speads RS11 sports racer.

Alian brought all of this experience, coupled with the latest generation of computer design tools to bear on designing the newest cars, and the Astra Summerhawk, and Blackhawk are the results.
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