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NEW - the Astra SummerHawk

Hitting race tracks in 2013

Welcome to Racing Concepts, LLC, now the Sole distributor for the Made-in-America Astra Summerhawk, and also the North American supporter for Speads Racing Cars.

The New-For-2013 Astra Summerhawk is a clean-sheet design targeted straight at Formula 1000, designed and engineered by Alain Clarinval, who has experience from Formula Atlantic, all the way up to Formula 1. Learn More About the Summerhawk

Hitting the track in mid-2013 will be the Astra Blackhawk, a CSR/DSR/SR1 based off of the same ideas as the successful Summerhawk F1000. This too is a brand new design for the CSR/DSR class, with an eye towards the 2014 SR1 rule set. Later in 2013, an SR2 variant of the Blackhawk will be available as well. Learn More About the Blackhawk.

Racing Concepts will continue to support North American Speads Formula 1000 and Sports Racers, but will not be doing any additional new car sales.

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Astra Summerhawk

The brand new Summerhawk has hit with a big splash in Formula 1000, being the newest purpose-designed car built for SCCA Formula 1000. With the experience of designer Alain Clarinval, the car is proving to be eye-catching, reliable, and above all, uncatchable by the competition.

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Astra Blackhawk

For those that have a love for sports car racing, the new Astra Blackhawk is a technological wonder. Exciting technologies like carbon-fiber tunnel diffusers, exotic materials, and opportunities for motorcycle engines producing over 260hp in a lightweight, yet strong, tubular chassis mean that the Blackhawk offers opportunity for unparalleled excitement this side of a LeMans Prototype.

Designed alongside the Summerhawk by race-winning designer Alain Clarinval, the Blackhawk is not only breathtakingly quick, but robust, safe, easy to maintain, and affordable to race as well. As a sports racer, it is eligible not only for SCCA CSR/DSR, but for track days, time trials, HPDE, driving schools, and many other events that require fendered vehicles.

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